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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Lagu "Highwomen" dimuat dalam album perdana eponim The Highwomen.

Album tersebut berisi total 12 lagu yang dibuka dengan lagu "Highwomen".

Album The Highwomen dirilis di bawah naungan label Elektra Records.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu "Highwomen" dari The Highwomen:

[Verse 1]
  Em            D                         C                   Em                 D                   C
I was a highwoman, and a mother from my youth, for my children I did what I had
     D         Am           Em                           D                     C               Am
to do. My family left Honduras when they killed the Sandinistas. We followed a
Em                          D                  C  Em       D               C              D               G
coyote through the dust of Mexico. Everyone of them except for me survived,
       C              D
and I am still alive.

[Verse 2]
Em             D              C             Em    D           C                  D      Am
I was a healer, I was gifted as a girl, I laid hands upon the world. Someone saw
        Em         D                 C                        Am                    Em                D
me sleepin, naked in the noon sun. I heard witchcraft in the whispers and I knew
                     C              Em          D                       C           D      G              C
my time had come. The bastards hung me at the Salem Gallows Hills, but I
am living still.

[Verse 3]
Em         D                                    C                                     Em
I was a freedom rider, when we thought the south had had won,
     D                C             D     Am                     Em                             D
Virginia in the spring of ‘61. I sat down on the greyhound that was bound for
C                    Am         Em                     D                            C        Em
Mississippi, my mother asked me if that ride was worth my life. And when the
      D                   C       D             G         C                    D
shots rang out I never heard the sound, but I am still around.

                                  G             D              Em           D              C      G Am D G
And I’ll take that ride again and again and again and again and again.

[Verse 4]

Em           D                              C                 Em               D             C
I was a preacher, my heart broke for all the world, but teaching was unrighteous
        D           Am                         Em                D         C                     Am
for a girl. In the summer I was baptized in the mighty Colorado. In the winter I
                Em                D                           C      Em               D
heard the hounds and I knew that I’d been found. And in my Saviour’s name
   C             D        G        C                     D
I laid my weapons down, but I am still around.

[Verse 5]
Em                   D                              C                   Em            D          C
We are the highwomen, and sing of stories still untold. We carry the sons
                       D    Am                  Em                 D        C                Am
you can only hold. We are the daughters of the silent generations. You send our
Em                  D                         C       Em             D                  C     D G
hearts to die alone in foreign nations. And they return to us as tiny drops of rain,
C                              D
but we will still remain.

                                 G              D              Em           D             C       G Am D G
And we’ll come back again and again and again and again and again x 2


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