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JAKARTA, -Drag Me” merupakan salah satu lagu yang dipopulerkan oleh grup band rock indie asal Australia, Tiny Little Houses.

Lagu tersebut dimuat dalam debut album studio pertama mereka yang bertajuk Idiot Proverbs.

Album yang berisikan 10 trek tersebut dirilis pada 12 Januari 2018 melalui label Ivy League Records.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “Drag Me” dari Tiny Little Houses.


F G Am Em (x2)

[Verse 1]
The problem with me is:
                       G                                     Am
I was always a big fish in a small, stale pond
Til I moved out to the city where I really got stung
F                                G
I'm a young, lazy bum who feels 106
Am                                       C
Sometimes I wonder on the down low why I even exist
F                                 G
Should I go tell it to a shrink?

I'm startin' to think
Am                                  Em
That maybe I'm the only sane one in a world on the brink
Can't relax, got my facts
A void before nihilist
Am                                    Em
It bothers me that I'm not bothered oh I really need

    F         G
A new attitude
               Am               C
I need to get out my room
                     F             G
Just want to play my guitar
                    Am             C
But it hasn't gotten me far
               F                    G
I know it seems kinda sad
                               Em            F
'cause things have gotten so bad
                         F                  G
Does someone know who I am?
'cause I don't know who I am

F G Am Em

[Verse 2]
Yeah maybe I'm a hypocrite
Walking contradiction, bursting out like a cyst
Am                                    Em
I'm reading Tolstoy at the moment craving ascetic bliss
F                                         G
I quit my job and drive my friends to clubs to down one more drink
Am                           C
I try to fit in but the people here are making me sick
Hey surely I can't be alone
Please, someone hold the phone
Am                        Em
I see atrocities on T.V but I'm still too scared to go
F                                              G
And I put my neck on the line, oh
Where's my spine, oh?
I'm wastin' my time and I'd love it if you gave me a sign

F                 G
Get out my room
                Am       C
I've got a bad attitude
                     F             G
Just want to play my guitar
                    Am             Em
But it hasn't gotten me far
               F                 G
I wish to taste the success
                Em             F
Maybe I'd feel less depressed
                        F                  G
Sometimes I'm my biggest fan
Sometimes I wanna give in

Could everyone get off my back

Cut me some slack
G                                     Am                                                   Em
I took my shirt off in the yard, my shoulders were no longer golden

Had a panic attack
I'm still my worst enemy
It's not as bad as it seems
C#m                                          E
If you wanna come and stick a boot in, roll up, drag me

A                B
Out of my room
              C#m      E
I need a good attitude
                       A            B
Don't want to play my guitar
                        C#m           G#
Cause it hasn't gotten me far
                   A                 B
They say it pays in the end
                   G#              A
But I'm still stuck in a spin
                     A                  B
Sometimes I wanna grow up
Sometimes I wanna give in

A B C#m E (x2)

A                           B
Who would have guessed I was a talented kid
C#m                      E
Who would have thought I’d make a mess out of it (x3)

A B C#m E (x2)

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