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JAKARTA, - Tiny Little Houses merupakan grup band rock indie asal Australia yang membawakan lagu berjudul “Garbage Bin”.

Lagu berdurasi 4 menit 8 detik ini diproduseri oleh Steven Schram dan dirilis pada tahun 2018 melalui label Ivy League Records.

“Garbage Bin” dimuat dalam debut album studio pertama band yang bertajuk Idiot Proverbs.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “Garbage Bin” dari Tiny Little Houses.


[Verse 1]
F        Bb           G
I was born so clean
           Bb                      F
Like a new washing machine
                     Bb                          G
Was flawless from my mother's womb
                    Bb                    F
Wrapped up tight inside a sheet
                 Bb               G
Loved my days in kindergarten
          Bb                    F
I was happy in first grade
              Bb                         G                 Bb
Okay in high school when it began to change
         F                       Bb
Fast forward now to college
                 G                       Bb
Where I'm flunking out of class
              F                           Bb             G                    Bb
And the student loans are starting to bite me in the ass
           F                          Bb
I don't want to go back home
           G                        Bb
I don't want to see my folks
Just gonna hold my breath
    Bb                             G                       Bb
And maybe with some time I'll learn to float

F                   Bb                      C                  F
I could keep swimming but I want to give in
      C                F
I'm a garbage bin
      C                F
I'm a garbage bin
F                   Bb                      C                  F
I could keep swimming but I want to give in
      C                F
I'm a garbage bin
         C                 F
Life’s a garbage bin

[Verse 2]
F             Bb          G
Move on up and down
         Bb                      F
Do a dance and turn around
              Bb                            G
If you've got yourself some pockets
              Bb                       F
You can fill them so you drown
              Bb               G                  Bb                   F
I need a little bit of money and a little bit more time
                Bb                G              Bb
I keep on losing my friends to suicide
                   F                Bb               G
And it don't get much better than this
               Bb                        F                       Bb
I hate to break it, but, the longer that you try
               G                            Bb
The less likely that you will make it
            F                 Bb
I don't want to be alone
            G                      Bb
I don't want to die at home
             F                                  Bb              G
A hippy monk told me there's comfort in being nothing at all

[Ulangi Chorus]

[Verse 3]
F                   Bb          G                      Bb                                F
Hey kid, pull up your socks if you’ve worn your bootstraps down
                      Bb            G           Bb                F
There’s still a lot of opportunity if you look around
             Bb                    G
But I'm running out of luck
                Bb                F
I'm stuck earning 15 bucks
                   Bb                        G                    Bb                 F
At least the government will feed me if I’m taken by the cops
                 Bb           G
I think I’m getting depressed
                 Bb                      F
It’s always me against the world
              Bb              G
I’m well aware I’m egocentric
              Bb            F
And it’s going to hell
            Bb                  G
I don’t want to be a fake
         Bb                        F
I just want to catch a break
                      Bb                   G                         Bb
Don’t want to sell out but I sure would like a piece of that cake

[Ulangi Chorus]


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