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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - "Another Travelin' Song" adalah lagu dari grup band asal Nebraska, Amerika Serikat, Bright Eyes.

Lagu folk rock tersebut dirilis pada 2005 dalam album mereka yang berjudul I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.

"Another Travelin' Song" menjadi lagu ketujuh dari album yang mendapat predikat Top 100 Albums of the Decade versi majalah musik Rolling Stone.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu "Another Travelin' Song" oleh Bright Eyes.

well I’m changing all my strings
I’m gonna write another travellin song
about all the billion highways
and the cities at the break of dawn
well I guess the best that I can do now
is pretend that I’ve done nothing wrong
and dream about a train that’s gonna
E                                    B
take me back where I belong
now the ocean speaks and spits
and I can hear it from the interstate
and I’m screaming at my brother
on the cell phone, he is far away
and I’m saying nothing in the past
or future ever will feel like today
until we’re parking in an alley,
E                                        B
just hoping that our shit is safe

E                               B
so I go back and forth forever
E                                             B
all my thoughts, they come in pairs
E                         Ebm                 C#m
well I will I won’t I doubt I don’t I’m not surprised
E                    F#             B
But I never feel quite prepared

Now I’m hunched over a typewriter
I guess you’d call that painting in a cave
And there’s a word I can’t remember
and a feeling I can not escape
And now my ashtray’s overflowing
I’m still staring at a clean white page

And morning’s at my window
                 E                      B
and she is sending me to bed again
Well I dreamed of dark on the horizon,
I dreamed a desert where the dead laid down
I dreamed a prostituted child
touching an old man in a fast food crowd
Oh Yeah I dreamt a ship was sinking,
there was people screaming all around
And I awoke to my alarm clock,
E                                                   B
it was a pop song, it was playing loud

E                                 B
So I will find my fears and face them
E                           B
Or I will cower like a dog
E                                  Ebm
I will kick and scream or kneel and plead
C#m                            E                    F#            B
I will fight like hell to hide that I’m giving up

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