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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - "The Long Road" adalah lagu Passenger yang dirilis pada 2016.

Lagu ini menjadi bagian dalam albumnya yang bertajuk Young as the Morning Old as the Sea.

Album tersebut memuat 16 lagu yang beberapa lagu di antaranya dibawakan juga dalam versi akustik.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu "The Long Road" dari Passenger:

G G  G  G (4x)

[Verse 1]
G                                                                                                                                 C
You've walked a long road and you've worn it well. You stitched yourself up when you fell.
                  Am7                               D                                         G
Keep your memories in jars. Carry secrets in scars beneath your shell.
G                                                                                                                                          C
You've seen some good days and some bad ones too. You weave through fashion and trend
Am7                                       D                                      G
You've seen a sun rise on an ocean blue. You've seen it set for the dearest of friends

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C                                  D                          G                                   Em
You found faith but you, chose to doubt it. You found love but you, left without it
Am7                                   D                 G
And now you don't want to talk about it

[Verse 2]
You travelled down through foreign lands. Touched mountain tops and golden sand
Seen pyramids and temples made of stone
          Am7                                          D
Keep seashells in a cashmere scarf. A treasured book of photographs
In every single one you stand alone
You've seen Vienna and the Berlin wall. As you watched the decades fall
The letters that you wrote never made it home
          Am7                                             D
Your birthdays flew past like June with Christmas days in hotel rooms
And New Year's Eve with people you don't know

C                                           D                            G                                              Em
You built friendships but they, sailed without you. You never meant it and that's why, they doubt you
Am7                      D                       G G7
And they don't ever talk about you

                   Am7                                         D
And you're older than you used to be. The mirror weaves a tapestry of
G                              G/F#                          Em
lines that dance and shimmer 'round your eyes
        Am7                                      D
You stare back at a man, forever holding out his hand as if
        B7                                            Em
the answer's going to fall out of the sky
             Am7                                       D                                                           G
But the penny never dropped. And no man has ever stopped time from flying by.


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