Lirik dan Chord Lagu My Lover dari Birdtalker - 21/09/2020, 21:40 WIB
Birdtalker / BirdtalkerBirdtalker

JAKARTA, - " My Lover" merupakan salah satu lagu milik grup band indie beraliran folk- rock, Birdtalker.

Lagu ini pertama kali dirilis lewat album eponim Birdtalker pada 2016.

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Berikut lirik dan chord lagu "My Lover" dari Birdtalker.


[Verse 1]
You came like a resolution, under a starry sky.
F                                      F                     D  G
You are my one solution, to the mystery of why.
C                                         C7                         F
Let's pack a bag and migrate, to anywhere we please.
Fm                                       C                      A7  D7               G
Clamber up the mountains underneath the sea, just you and me.

C           C7                                  F                Fm
oooooo ooohhhhh and we'll hold on, for the rest of our lives.
               C                    A7                        D7        G
We don't have to figure out what hasn't happened yet,
                     C                  A7                     D7         G
Through whatever whirls around us I won't let you forget

                 C C7
You're my lover
                F Fm
You're my lover

[Verse 2]
I love when we go walkin', backwards as far as we can.
F                                         Fm                        D7      G
Findin' ourselves a lookout, to watch the daily circus parade.
C                                                         C7 F
Clowns they don't know they're crazy, shooting themselves out of their guns.
      Fm                                C            A7  D7                                  G
We laugh and we cry as the acrobats fly, wondrin' if they're crying too.

C          C7                                 F                Fm
oooooo ooohhhhhh and it goes on, for the rest of our lives
             C                      A7                D7           G
While it may be hard to navigate this masquerade,
            C                          A7                            D7              G
We can still come back to our place with some cheap champagne.

                 C C7
You're my lover
                F Fm
You're my lover

C C7 F Fm
mmmm oooo

  C                                           C7                               F     Fm
I already know my last words, will not be regrets or advice.

N.C.          C C7
You're my lover
                 F Fm
You're my lover
                 C     C7
You're my love (ooohhhhhh)
                 F    Fm C
You're my love.


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